Finish & Assembly

Finish, Assembly and Distribution

We have in-house processes for sandblast, finish sanding, polish, wet paint, powder coating, packaging and shipping or delivery.

We specialize in custom, multi-coat, and industrial powder coating services. Using our 8’ x 10’ x 20’ oven, we cure powder coats that are applied on all types of material substrates. We powder coat using TCI, NIC Ind. prismatric powders, or any customer-specified coating. Panels, frames, doors, engine enclosures, mounting brackets, and a variety of other products are powder coated by us. Equipped with warehouse facilities, we also stock powder-coated products for our customers.

Provided as a standalone service, our powder coating processes are widely used to create smooth or wrinkled textures in theme tables. Translucent, metallic, clear, and multi-color coats to exact customer specifications are provided at OFAB. We also offer coatings in compliance with PMS (Pantone Matching System) color specifications.

Also, we have warehouse facilities so we can stock finished product for our customers and assist them with distribution.

Some Of Our Products

  • Panels- Stainless & Powder Coated
  • Tanks- Hydraulic and Fuel
  • Frames- Steel and Aluminum
  • Skins- Ambulance and Fire Cabs
  • Bodies- Fire and Rescue
  • Bumpers- Ambulance and Crash
  • Boxes- Fire and Rescue
  • Doors- Fire and Rescue
  • Loaders- Mining
  • Engine Mounts- Fire and Mining
  • Module Frames
  • Sub-Frames
  • Engine Enclosures
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Pins
  • Kiosks