Laser Cutting

Through CNC laser cutting, we cut copes, holes, slots, and other special features into metal sheets up to 60″ x 120″ in size. With a Mazak FMS laser cutting system it allows us to handle plate profiling and sheet metal cutting operations. OFAB’s lasers can clean cut mild steel up to 3/4″, stainless steel up to 1/2”, and aluminum sheets up to 3/8” in thickness.

The computer-assisted part nesting capability of our Mazak FMS laser cutting systems facilitates maximum material utilization. Automated loading/unloading capabilities of our 4000 KW Mazak FMS
laser system enable us to complete fabrication jobs in short turn around time.

Our laser cutting process is best suited for fabricating complex irregular-shaped parts with minimal burrs. From prototypes to medium volume production runs, we offer fabrication services for fire and emergency rescue vehicle parts, module frames, as well as mounting brackets.